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Business analytics is one of the most powerful tools available in today’s marketplace. Regardless of the industry, organizations are creating vast amounts of data. This data is then observed by professionals who know how to both interpret and analyze the information at hand.

But what is that data used for? Companies worldwide use the data that they accrue to look into ways to drive strategy and change, ways to boost process and efficiency, and ways to both monitor and improve financial performance.

There is so much to it than that and having a strong knowledge of business analytics can go a long, long way.

What Is Business Analytics?

Technically speaking, this is the process of using quantitative methods to get meaning from all of the data at the disposal of a company to make more informed business decisions. There are three main methods of business analysis:

  • Predictive: The use of statistics to forecast future outcomes
  • Prescriptive: The application of both testing and other techniques to determine which outcome will provide the best results in a given scenario
  • Descriptive: The interpretation of historical data to identify patterns and trends

Knowing which method to employ depends on the business situation at hand.

What Are the Benefits?

Business analytics have a number of benefits to be enjoyed by businesses that properly utilize the data at hand. More informed decision making is one of the biggest benefits. Having the proper information at hand can allow companies to make better choices in their marketing and decision making.

It also allows the identification of strengths and weaknesses in the business. This allows organizations to target strengths and to identify the weaknesses that need to be worked on.

When an organization can make strong decisions, it can have an impact on the bottom line. Companies that have embraced data and analytics can find themselves experiencing greater financial returns. It isn’t a guarantee, but it puts that organization in a better position to succeed.